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Studying Interesting programming project in physics -- ideas requested

  1. Apr 11, 2017 #1
    I'm looking for some non-big project related to physics or/and abstract math.
    It firstly should be a good programming task(since its my programming credit)
    Bachelor student in theoretical physics. Not bad at C and Python, a bit of C++ and Haskell. Interested in field theory, quantum stuff, diff geometry and topology.
    Open to anything (somehow related to physics/math) if it seems interesting(at least colorful, since I'll have to represent it). A bit tired of numerical (P)DE solving.

    The term before I was modeling double pendulum - so I'm looking for something more advanced.
    I have about 1-2 week to actually develop it thats why non-big.
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    One simulation that I found really interesting is to program the 2D Ising model. Once you have it coded up, which is fairly straightforward, it is really interesting to change the temperature and see the different behaviors.
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    I guess it is too small for term credit project. If only consider some parallel coding like CUDA inside. It looks interesting for me too, but Im not sure if it advanced enough.
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    Maybe something with tensor networks or DMRG.
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