Interesting topic for technical presentation?

  1. Hi all,

    I have a presentation for my engineering-based public speaking class coming up. It must be technical in nature. I can't decide what would be easy enough for me to learn about while keeping it at a technical level and still interesting to my peers.

    I've been thinking about:
    A short introduction to general relativity
    A short introduction to string theory
    Symbolic logic and its uses in computing
    The mathematics of a Rubik's cube

    I've chosen these topics only because they interest me. I know a little bit about each; enough to give an educated 10 minute presentation with some research. I just have the feeling that all of these will be very boring to my peers, which is part of our goal. We must keep the audience interested.

    Anyone have suggestions on an interesting technical topic?
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  3. In my opinion, you need to have some kind of problem, analysis and recommendation. Like, pick a process and find problems with it and suggest changes. Or, compare two processes.
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