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Suggestion for presentation topic

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    I have to prepare a presentation for my workshop kindly suggest me a topic that you think will be more interesting, also for those who are non physicists as their will be non physicists students also:gradcap::gradcap:.:book::book: i think of preparing on "Domains in Ferromagnetic Materials" for me which is most interesting and easy topic but this topic seems less interesting for those who do not know even about basic physics o0):sorry:
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    Which level of education do your students have?
    What are always running topics here:
    - why are quantum objects neither waves nor particles
    - time dilation at relativistic velocities, e.g. why can we observe myons in the atmosphere
    - everything about black holes
    - why can't we divide by 0
    - size (and shape) of the universe
    - uncertainty principle
    - entanglement and quantum computing
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    Its a B.Ed program workshop, there may be students of BS, MSc english. Maths, Education Bio, Chemistry and of other subjects also.. Size and shape of Universe an Interesting one :smile:
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