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Internal Conversion Coefficient/Decay % HELP

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    "In 97.7% of disintegrations 123I decays by electron capture to an excited state of 123Te, which has an energy of 159keV. Gamma rays of energy 159keV are emitted following 82.9% of decays. What's the internal conversion coefficient for this de-excitation?"

    I know that a=Ne/Ny(gamma), but I'm kind of confused here about the percentage of the decays of the e- capture & gamma emission. Is it 97.7%/17.1%=5.713?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    gamma emmission 82.9%
    rest x-ray emmission + flrorascence yeild

    so icc = (17.1/82.9)/ (florascence yeild)

    the 97% is just the percentage of time iodine decays through electron capture, we are interested only in tellurium decay!!.

    This is for now my understanding
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