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Internet Journal of Vibrationsl Spectroscopy

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    Hello, Gentlemen!
    Is there anybody who has ever published in the "Internet Journal of Vibrational Spectroscopy"?
    I had a couple of article published there (in the years 1999 and 2000), and everithing with the site of the Journal


    was correct until approx. one week ago. Yesterday, however, I was surprised that the site cannot be found in the Internet. This means all the archive of articles published there during the years is now lost, since no paper version of the Journal exists.
    This Journal had been founded by the famous spectroscopist Professor Patrick Hendra from the Southhampton University, and the Publisher was John Wiley & Sons.
    And now what happenes -- all the papers, even cited in the literature by other authors are lost! This situation is absurd, I do not know if this has any precedent in science.
    Iwould be glad if someone who knows what has happend contacts me.
    Thank you!

    Nicolay I. Dodoff, Ph. D., Res. Fellow I Deg.
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    Domain is owned by John Wiley & Sons, Inc, they should know something.

    You better not show your email address on forums, it will be harvested by bots in no time and you will be sent tons of spam.

    Edit: seems like the archives show same "we're back and we are owned by JWS now" message for the last several years. That means site was generally abandoned since late 2004.

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    As a founder member of IJVS I am disturbed at the disappearance. I will follow this up with Wiley. Professor Pat is alive and well thriving in retirement. At least he was at Christmas and I think that I would have heard if otherwise
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    www.ijvs.com is now live again, thanks for the notice
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