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Publishing in free access journal v paid journal?

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    Just read this article which went on-line a couple of hours ago and was interested in some opinions here from the research community.


    I noticed a couple of particularly well put comments:

    Time for a change?
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    I'd love it if more articles were free, aside from freeing subscription funds for researchers it would allow members of the public to access scientific articles. I don't see however how it is going to work, where is the money going to come from to run the publishing services? I'd hate to see random adverts spammed into my reading of a scientific article.
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    It's hard to see how the business model will work, as Ryan says. Several times a month, I get spammed by "on-line" "open-access" journals wanting submissions. Once you start digging, you'll find that those "journals" want per-page fees from researchers. That can get expensive for researchers who don't have current active status with academic groups. No grant money and no departmental support means publishing can be expensive under such circumstances.

    If you publish in a Springer journal, you will likely pay nothing out-of-pocket. Once your paper is refereed and revised to the satisfaction of the editor, the editor may recommend that you self-publish on ArXiv even before they publish it in their subscription-only on-line and print journals. Note: The self-publish request may have been because our little group had to maintain a presence on-line to host the spreadsheets and archive of images to keep the paper from getting unwieldy - still it was a nice surprise.
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