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Internships during college or after college?

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    I'm working on a double degree which would require me to take 19 credits every semester during sophmore, junior and senior years to finish on time. I am in junior year and I'm on to track to finish in 4 years. Is it better to take internship during college years and delay this degree or take up internships after I get my degree to gain experience?
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    1) Don't take 19 credits. There's no such thing as "on time" if you're doing a double degree anyway. Most students don't even finish a single degree in 8 semesters anymore. Take an extra year and enjoy your life a bit. Trust me, if you take this advice, you'll thank me one day.

    2) If you're doing 19 credits a semester, you don't have time for any internship. Most internships are going to require at least 8-10 hours a week. You could probably arrange something during summers. However, if you're serious about finishing two degrees in four years, your summers are likely already booked.

    3) Once you have a degree (or two), you won't need internships. You'll be marketable, and can obtain full-time professional work.

    - Warren
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    Don't overlook taking summer and winter courses if they're available. That can be an extra semester of courses a year if you can take advantage of it, which could free up some time for internships (if you haven't already taken that into account).

    I plan to finish a double major with a minor in a total of four years. I have 83 credits from APs + winter/summer + regular courses after three regular semesters. I'll graduate with 200 or so.
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    I agree what Orthodontist said. I shall use myself for an example. If i choose to take computer science this semester, i have 5 more classes to choose from, implying that my schedule is going to be more flexiable. I squeeze all my lower level requirement into past 2 semester. After this semester which is the second semester of my college life, I will have 69 credits. The result of that is i can finish my degree in 5 semesters and i have 3 semesters to do anything like research, internship or anything. I dont know if you have taken all your lower level requirement or not. you rather work really hard in one semester, then you can do intern with about 13 hours of school work if you really need to finish your degree in 8 semesters.
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    youre taking 35 credits per semester leon?
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    Did I miss what the OP majored in, and what area he/she wants to "intern" in?

    In physics, one certainly does not skip school or sacrifice school to do an internship. That is why they are usually offered during the summer. One is expected to be a full time student to apply.

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    I think you missed his point. He will do the internships at the expense of delaying his graduation. Therefore, he won't be doing the internship AND doing the 19 credits simultaneously.

    To answer the question for whether you should do the internship and delay your graduation, I think you SHOULD do the internships (even if it is just for a couple semesters) because then you will likely have a job as soon as you graduate, as opposed to having to look around for employment. Look to do the internships in the summertime, and then you will still be able to graduate on time.

    Also, if you plan on going to grad school, you really should do an REU over a summer. This is VERY important.

    o, the bottom-line: Don't feel like you can't do internships AND get out of ugrad school "on time". You can always do the internships in the summertime. Also, don't feel like you HAVE to get out in 4 years.

    I am a dual major in physics and electrical engineering, with a minot in chemistry, and I will be done in 5 years. I am also doing internships in the summers. what's another year anyways? Not too big of a deal.
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    I got some AP credits and i am taking 31 hours this semster. It is doable but EXTREMELY BORING. For some reason, I took only 13 hours last semester. Otherwise, I should be a junior after this semester. Anyhow, I only recommand people to do this if you
    1) are taking lower level class (DONT DO THIS TO YOUR JUNIOR AND SENIOR YEAR CLASS!!)
    2) want to tell your mom "i have school, i cant work any longer" or
    3) want to graduate within 5 semesters.......
    4) very bored
    5) really bored
    6) extremely bored
    7) bored to death.

    I am taking micro, macro, gov, hist, 4 maths and one physics. I am not getting all A of course but i am not doing really bad in these classes (most of them are As indeed). This path is really doable if you are bored to death!!! I regret so much.
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    That makes more sense. Im taking 28 credits right now (8 courses - 4 math and 4 physics) and am just about to go completely insane...
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