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Interpretation of QED in the Standard Model

  1. May 9, 2013 #1
    Three related questions on which I could use some help:

    a] In another thread, Bill_k posted something like:

    "Electrons, being charged, could exchange energy by exchanging a virtual photon."

    ok, yet I thought electrons usually interacted via the EM field ['real' photons]....

    So how do we distinguish between when virtual photon versus and real photon exchange occurs? I started reading Wikipedia to see if I could find out and decided to post here because I got confused:

    b] Wikipedia in the QED introduction says

    Does this mean the exchange of virtual photons lies outside QED?

    A few sentences later in Wikipedia:

    Is that correct?

    I thought the the Standard Model involves quantum field theory of NON-perturbative behavior; That is, where the vacuum has a non zero vacuum expectation value...For example I have read Higgs and QCD are a/w NON perturbative vacuums....QED is different??

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    Regarding my own question [c]..Wikipedia sez....


    apparently I am more confused than I suspected!!?? but they all seem to be treated on the same basis....
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