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Intriguing topics for Economics presentation

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    Economics is definitely not my thing. Unfortunately, I have to give an intriguing presentation that would raise interest. I wonder If you could give me some topics and something to start from. It would be great for the topics to be interesting so that it wouldn't be boring to watch and hopefully make it easier to work on for myself. Thanks!
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    -How does federal regulation of the money supply affect the economy?
    -How does raising taxes affect the circular flow of wealth?
    -How does the value and backing of a country's currency affect its exchange rate in the international market?
    -How do unions affect unemployment and wage levels in some industry?
    -What are some applications of game theory in economics?
    - How does the government achieve an expenditure equilibrium?
    - How does one prove the general case of the law of comparative advantage?
    - Coase's Theorem, applicaitons and proof
    - What are some differences between monetary and fiscal policy?
    - How does the equation of exchange relate to macroeconomics?
    - Money multiplier in macroeconomics.

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    These may be too complex issues, but which of course have an extreme importance in any economy. Unfortunately many economists today are short-term economists, too focused on their flawed pseudo-scientific mathematical models of economics trying to predict what will happen in the next few years. So my suggestions won't probably involve much mathematics if that's what you're interested in:

    - What are the significant factors that make an economy grow in the long-term?
    - What problems does an economy in a deindustrialization process face?
    - What are the consequences of the financial sector, which generates huge amounts of private debt, gaining a ever bigger share on the total output of mature economies?
    - In what cases does protectionism work, and in what cases it doesn't?
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    I think your choice of topic would mostly depend on your course requirements, expected amounts of efforts involved, etc. In order to give an informal yet still inspiring intriguing Economics presentation, I'd suggest starting with SEVERAL topics that are directly related to the community (school, club, etc.) that you're part of, and pick the one that best fits your purposes. There should be thousands of possible topics for your presentation if you care to connect your economic command with community issues. Examples include the social benefits and opportunity costs of the newly-built student center, the marginal and total effects of rising prices on the profitability of the canteen, and so on. I am sure you will impress your audiences and raise their interest if you incorporate into your presentation your own economic models (just simple ones) with real data and use them to explain your research findings. STATA is an awesome tool in this regard. Good luck! :)
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