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Intro to Linear Algebra vs Calculus II

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    I am thinking of taking an Intro to Linear Algebra course at a community college to save money while I am at a university. It is a 200 level course just like Calc II and I just was wondering if it was harder than Calc II. I really struggled in that class and I am taking it again this semester so I can get a better grade and move onto Calc III at a university, so taking linear algebra there would help me, because the prereq is only Calc I. So what do you think, what is harder, Calc II or Intro to Linear Algebra?
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    I think Calculus II is definitely more challenging than introductory linear algebra.
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    Normally people do Calc I,II,III and then Linear Algebra and/or Diff Eqns...
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    It depends on what you like more, and I think it's a good idea to do LA before calc 3/DE
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    If you've at least gone through Calc II then I think you'll find that Linear Algebra is some degrees easier.
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    I think Calc I and linear algebra I should be taken at the same time, then Calc II and linear algebra II (you may only need 1 semester of lin alg though) and then Calc III and ODE at the same time. Then after 3 semesters you could have all the basic math courses down and can take things like PDE and complex variables or analysis etc

    So Linear algebra is probably easier, but try to take into account what your schedule would be like at the university. For example, say you take linear algebra at the college and plan to do calc II at the university, but calc II is only offered in the spring and you basically sit on your behind for a semester when you could have taken calc II at the college and done linear algebra first semester at the university.
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