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Medical Ion?electron?magnetic energy? or?

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    Would someone kindly direct me where would be the best place to post this question ,or is this in fact the place that would best help me to understand this question, or should I say unanswered question/phenomena.Throughout my childhood, and primarily in one particular room of my home whether it be daytime or night time, although more often at night time, when ever I looked into or stood inside this room (an upstairs bedroom) I would always see the entire room filled with what I would describe as glistening static electricity as if I were staring at a TV channel with no reception, kind of like snow on a chaneless TV channel. This was quite frightening to me As I child (somewhere from age 5 years to 11 years), yet never spoke to anyone , not even my family about this. This was just one of the many odd phenomena I have experienced, but would love to know if anyone has also experienced this, or has some explanation to what this was. I have my own feeling/belief of what it was, but would be interested to know if what I think it was , is what others feel it was. I look forward to a reply. Thanks!
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    I've deleted the two other duplicate threads. Please only post once. Let's leave this here for now.
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    This sounds like a disturbance of the occipital lobe because this kind of elemental visual experience is governed there. I call it an "elemental visual experience" because it was limited to a kind of texture created by light rather than being the kind of well developed visual hallucination that implies that much more of the brain is involved. It's important that this was only triggered by looking into that room. It means you were either physiologically sensitive to something in there, or that there were emotional triggers associated with something in there.

    What other unusual experiences have you had?
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    I believe these would be Closed-eye hallucinations (level 1), of course, with open eyes. Your experience mirrors mine. It happened only in darkness on flat surfaces, such as the walls and ceiling for me.
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    "It means you were either physiologically sensitive to something in there, or that there were emotional triggers associated with something in there."
    Interesting. I guess that COULD be possible. As far as the lighting, it occured and every direction I looked, yet always/only in this room.

    "What other unusual experiences have you had?" I/you could write a book on THAT question. To start, again, all around that age, that home etc., I would constantly hear a voice in my head that sounded as though it were in slow motion, as if one had an old record player, and the speed was set on as slow as it could go, causing the voice to be in a semi baritone, and so slowed down that I could not understand what it was saying.
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