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Homework Help: Irrational sequence that converges to a rational limit

  1. Jun 26, 2011 #1
    Hi. I found some rational sequences that converge to irrational limits, but am not having any luck going the other direction, i.e., an irrational sequence that converges to a rational limit. Any suggestions?
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    Can you find an irrational sequence that converges to 0? Something like [itex]\frac{1}{n}[/itex] but with an irrational number in the numerator?
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    Thank you.

    How about 1/n(2(1/2))?
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    Yes, that sounds good! :smile:
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    You can also use a commonly known irrational number (e.g. pi or e) and do something similar.
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    Didn't want to be oddly transcendental or anything, so I was trying to stay away from those, but found out later they would have been fine. So thank you for that.
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