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Is 0.999 =1 an Error in Math?

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    At first, when I saw this, I was deeply shocked and lost the believe that math is absolute. Like the thinking that if Math can prove it, it must exist and if it can't, it doesn't exist.

    So is 0.99999...=1 illogical?

    also, is it fair to say that 1.00=1?

    Sorry if this question is already posted or it's in the wrong forum.
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    0.99999(9) is 1
    It's right and logical. Unfortunately, I don't remember the prove now, it was on the first grade in University.
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    This has been slogged out many times: there's no need for another discussion thread.
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    The real question, Raza, is do you know what 0.9999... means? If not, you certainly can't say that 0.9999...= 1 is an error! If you believe you do, what do you think 0.9999... means? The fact that you ask if 1.00= 1 makes me wonder.
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