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Is a W or a C worse for a gen Ed?

  1. Oct 14, 2015 #1
    I'm a sophomore physics major finishing up my last gen. Ed requirement, for this one I picked Jazz History because it sounded interesting and fulfilled the last requirement. I have As on my writing assignments, but tests and quizzes are all multiple choice about names and dates, which it turns out I'm awful at keeping straight. I have a C/D+ average for the midterm and quizzes, which are a little over half the grade, so I'm on track to get a C, maybe a C+ if I'm lucky. I'm doing great in all my other major-related classes, knock on wood, so the rest isn't an issue, it's just this one gen-ed. The withdraw date is coming up next week, and I'm wondering if it would be better for grad schools to get the C and be done, or withdraw and save my GPA and just take a different gen ed over the winter or next semester. Help?
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    It is probably better not to drop.
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    Only my opinion, but a course on Jazz History is not important for your major field of study. C is the lowest grade you want, and is better than a W just because it would be some acceptable credit. If you drop and get W, then make a better choice about your next try at the needed general education requirement.
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    Given that you're having difficulty with this general education class, what is the probability that you will struggle with another that you take over the winter?
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