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Programs Is Chemistry a useful minor for a MechEng Major?

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    My interest are in robotics/mechatronics, but I've been wondering if a chemistry minor would be useful for a mechanical engineer in other fields in industry.
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    Material science would be a most useful minor than chemistry, in my opinion.
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    Agree. Mechanical engineers should be well versed in materials science and engineering. If you haven't had any chemistry, though, take a 1 yr introductory course in chemistry as well.
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    Okay thanks guys. If I'm being honest I didn't know my school offered material science as a minor, but turns out it does and it's only an extra 6 classes. All the classes look to be in things I'm in to as well. Thanks alot guys.
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    I have a question though. I've only taken the a first semester General Chem course because that was all that was required at my school (as well as all FL public Universities) for mechanical engineering. Should I take Gen chem 2 as well?
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    Depends on the topics covered, which varies from school to school. Do you have a listing?
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    Here is the course description

    This provides a study of chemistry covering the following topics: mathematics and measurement in chemistry, the periodic table, stoichiometry of chemical equations and reactions in solution, oxidation-reduction reactions, thermo chemistry, atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, and gases. Selected experiments reinforce and apply lecture material, with the use of computers in the laboratory as an option.
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    If it were me, I would take it, preferably prior to intro to materials.
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    That was the Gen chem 1 description. The class that I've taken. Sorry I may have gotten confused did you want me to post the Gen chem 2 description?
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    Yes, post the Chem 2 topics so I tell whether those topics overlap a lot with what you would get in materials science.
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    This course provides a study of chemistry that covers the following topics: intermolecular forces of solids and liquids, solutions, kinetics, chemical equilibrium systems, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry. Selected experiments reinforce lecture material and may include qualitative analysis, with the use of computers in the laboratory as an option.
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    If you've got a semester elective available, I would take it. There will be some overlap with basic materials science courses, but the approach, perspective, and emphasis are a bit different, and I personally think having both is useful. But if you are short on electives (e.g., if you want to take more programming), it's OK to skip it. But double check with the instructors in your materials science and engineering courses to see what they think about the usefulness of your Chem 2.

    By the way, it's more important to take courses that you find interesting and that round out your major, rather than fulfilling requirements to get a formal minor listed on your transcript. I was a physics undergrad, but since my interest was specifically in solid-state physics, I took a slew of electives in materials science and engineering (including labs and undergrad research), without any concern for a formal minor.
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    Do the full 1-year's worth of General Chemistry, for whatever your chosen science/engineering field. Both semesters!
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