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Is Computer-Aided Drafting Useful for Nuclear Engineers?

  1. Sep 22, 2014 #1
    I'm interested in pursuing a Nuclear Engineering degree, and I was wondering if the job actually involves any drafting. I'm still a lowly undergrad, and far from a Masters, but I still have the opportunity to take such drafting classes now. Is it useful at all? I mean, the program I looked at doesn't seem like it requires any drafting, but I still want to know if it is worthwhile to take anyways.

    Maybe this is a random thing to wonder, and maybe the answer lies in the fact that I've seen nowhere explicitly stating that I did in fact need it, but I just kind of got around to thinking that drafting might be useful for someone of such a discipline, considering that machines are rather necessary for making nuclear reactions possible.

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    What do you mean drafting? Like a CAD system for board or mechanical design, like AutoCAD or OrCAD? Some nuclear engineers do a bit of electrical or mechanical work and they would do drafting. others not so much.
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    The basic classes are for AutoCAD, and there are a few more for SolidWorks and a couple others. I think the focus is for Mechanical Engineering, but I figured that most Nuclear Engineers would need to know some degree of knowledge in machines as well, I just have no idea how much. If drafting will be useful to me, then I think I will probably try to learn it.
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    Yes, you should be familiar with CAD. Most engineers who know CAD won't be turned into draftsmen, but preparing drawings or sketches to illustrate your ideas will be critical in your work as an engineer. And, you may not realize it at this point, but being able to lay out stuff in CAD can also serve as a useful tool in analyzing certain problems and arriving at solutions. It certainly beats sketching stuff on the back of a scrap piece of paper!
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