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Is double majoring in both Honors Physics and regular Math a good idea?

  1. Aug 12, 2009 #1
    I am thinking about doing Honors Physics. Is getting the major in math as well a good idea?
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    What do you mean by "Honors Physics"?
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    in some universities (particularly in US), if you have GPA above certain requirement (say 3.0) you can apply for "Honors College". As a member of honors college you get take "Honors Classes" (for example, honors general chemistry I, II etc). Generally, material covered is pretty much the same but these classes are a bit tougher and get more facility.

    I'm assuming OP is enrolled in one of those courses.
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    Not necessarily going to help you in grad school applications.
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    There really should be a "Should I Double Major" sticky along with the others in this section of the forums. This questions seems to pop up alot... But to the OP, I'm not in grad school so I can't give advice regarding admissions but could you elaborate on your definition of "good idea"? I'm double majoring in honors math and physics right now and it's exciting and enlightening and keeps the door open to the possibility of doing either one in grad school. The workload can be intense but if you truly love both fields then there's really no choice.
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