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  1. astroman707

    Studying What books are good to learn the math in intro physics?

    I'm struggling with the math used in my college's calc-based honors physics class, even though I've taken calculus 1. ---What are some good books/resources to learn the math used in introductory physics?--- Preferably, it'd be nice if the math was taught using examples in physics. Having that...
  2. astroman707

    Studying Good resources to help with hard physics classes?

    I'm having quite a bit of difficulty in my college's intro honors, calc-based physics class. I want to find some good resources, either online or text, to assist with learning the material. The issue I'm having is that most resources I find are either not in depth enough, or they're just as...
  3. astroman707

    How to get better at theoretical homework problems

    I’m having lots of trouble in my honors physics class with the theoretical homework problems that are assigned. The entire concept of learning to solve things theoretically, and then applying it is brand new to me. I’m decent at figuring out the applied problems, but pure theory stumps me. I...
  4. astroman707

    If given A,B,C, Find constants x,y |xA +yB=C

    1. Homework Statement Three vectors are given: A=2i+3j, B=1i+5j, C=-1i+3j Find constants x and y such that xA+yB=C 2. Homework Equations N/A 3. The Attempt at a Solution The form of the final equation reminded me if standard form of a slope, so I found the total vector for A,B, and C. I was...
  5. astroman707

    What angle will give the object the greatest range?

    1. Homework Statement 1-A rifle can shoot a projectile with a velocity of 207m/s. At what angle should the rifle be pointed to give the maximum range? 2-Evaluate the maximum range 2. Homework Equations N/A 3. The Attempt at a Solution I considered at first that the problem seemed like it...
  6. astroman707

    Other Any physicists that struggled with intro physics?

    I’m 3 weeks into my first physics class at college; honors physics 1. I really want to major in physics because it’s really interesting, but I’m finding the class very difficult. Trying to solve the textbook problems and follow the professor’s train of thought is very tough, which is frankly...
  7. astroman707

    Courses Is there much difference between algebra- and calculus-based physics

    I’m in an honors calc-based physics 1 course at my college and I can’t audibly understand my professor. I tried looking for tutorials online, but I have no idea if what I’m looking at is calc-based physics or alg-based physics, and I don’t want to learn the wrong methods. Is there a difference...
  8. astroman707

    I What math topics should one master for first year physics?

    I’ll be taking the year long physics sequence at my college this fall and I want to know what specific math topics I should master, so that I can conquer my first year of physics. I’m planning to brush-up on any necessary topics from algebra, through precalc, and including calc 1. It’s an honors...
  9. M

    Courses Should I take AP chem?

    As a Junior, I have the option to take AP chem and honors physics. I want to take AP chem very badly but I can't take AP physics without doing honors physics first. I Ultimately want to take AP physics but AP chem seems looks great on a college application. What class should I take?