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Is generated electrical energy stored

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    hi , i have a dought ..electrical energy generated are directly go to the load by means of transmission from generating station to substation and then to load .. this process happens in live (that means energy is being generated always) or generated electrical energy get stored in sub-station or any where else for back up or electrical energy generated according to the load condition .. please specify..
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    There are "pumped storage hydroelectric plants" that pump water up into a reservoir to store energy. That energy is then turned back to electricity when there is more power being used then there is available. Usually though electricity is used up immediately.
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    Thanks mr.DrZoidberg in that we store only water energy . we use it when load demand is more
    to convert electrical energy . is electrical energy stored ?. if not then how battery stores?.. if we can store using capacitor then how much we can store, for how long ..please reply..
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    You could use batteries but it's WAY WAY easier and cheaper to just pump water up a certain height and let it release later to get the energy back.
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