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Is it advisabe to learn to computer languages?

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    Is it advisabe to learn two computer languages at the same time?

    This is my situation. I am learning how to program and at the same time learning python. I'm using the Think Python book by Allen Downey. After finishing this book, is it good to start learning Matlab since I'm going to use it in school. Though they are both interpreted languages they are very different.
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    The danger of learning two languages at the same time is the tendency to mix syntax of one language with that of the other, ending up with a mush that isn't valid for either. It's more of a problem if you are learning two languages that have a lot of similarities.

    I'm sure there are people who could learn two languages at the same time, but I would advise you to learn one as well as you can first, and then you can apply the common ideas to another language (say matlab) later.
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    Don't bother learning matlab until you need it. Stick with a single language for now and get good at it. What you should really be focusing on while learning python is the fundamentals as in structure and how to properly and efficiently code. Once you know the fundamentals, switching to other languages isn't that difficult, especially matlab.
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    I was learning matlab at one point. While surfing the net I found out about Python and started using the think python book to learn how to program. May be after I finishing the tutorial in Python Docs I will go back to matlab because I'm going to use it in class soon.
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    Matlab/Numpy cheat sheet->there are tons floating around the web, so once you learn python it's pretty easy to pick up matlab.
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    Thanks for the cheat sheet. One thing I came to discover and understand about programming is that it forces you think in many ways in other to solve a problem.
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