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Engineering Is it possible for me to become an engineer?

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    I'm currently at a junior college and want to major in mechanical or electrical engineering. The issue is that I got arrested for a misdemeanor a couple of years ago. Even though it I didn't get prosecuted nor convicted and I got it expunged does it affect my chances of being an engineer?
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    No, it shouldn't have any effect on your chances of becoming an engineer unless you want to get a job that requires a security clearance. Very few jobs would phrase their character question in a way that would require you to answer "yes". Most ask if you have been convicted of a crime more serious than a traffic infraction or misdemeanor.
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    Even when it comes to jobs requiring a security clearance it's usually felony crimes they care about. And you're saying you weren't convicted of a misdemeanor? Yeah, pretty sure you have nothing to worry about. Just don't get in trouble anymore.
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