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Is it possible to delay grad school acceptance

  1. Jun 22, 2012 #1
    I'm a rising junior and will very likely apply to physics graduate school during senior year, but I'm also thinking about applying for a Fulbright Scholarship or other programs that would be a year long and not necessarily involve physics. Everything I found when I searched this forum said applying after graduating without extra physics hurt your application, so I'd still like to apply as a senior.
    Would it be possible, if accepted to a school, for me to take a year off before matriculating? It seemed universal for undergrad admissions if kids wanted to apply to college and then take a gap year, although I understand at this level it might depend on the specific university. So far I've looked at websites for a few different schools and searched on this forum but haven't found an answer.
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    Don't quote me, but I believe most programs will allow you to defer your enrollment by 1 year. So if you are accepted for Fall 2013, you may enroll Fall 2014.
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