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Is it possible to obtain 2 MSc degrees?

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    I'm currently in the 12th Grade and the only course in Physics that the college that I am aiming for has is an integrated MSc degree. So in 5 years time, I will be walking out with an MSc degree in my hands with no intermediate BSc degree. What I wanted to know is whether I will be able to apply to any other university for another Master's degree. Also, how will having a degree affect my chances?

    Can anyone inform me about the potential downfalls and the plus-points for going for an integrated degree?
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    You should be able to. A poster on here, who has a PhD in Physics, was also doing an MSc in Renewable Energy or something along the lines of that...
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    Sure, two MS degrees happen all the time. I've got two, my wife has two, and one of the former directors of NASA has like 6. :smile:

    Two Ph.D.s, on the other hand, is very different, and is a symptom of a serious mental illness.
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    But Sheldon Cooper's mom had him tested :P
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    You beat me to it :P
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    Michael Griffin, NASA administrator under the last administration, held multiple degrees, including I think 4 or 5 masters degrees.

    Learning can be lifelong; at any rate, holding multiple degrees certainly didn't hold him back in any way. I'm sure the opposite was true.
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