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Is Kepplar and Kokenlow introductory mechanics for me?

  1. Dec 24, 2014 #1
    So I am math major and I chose to take 3 calculus based physics courses instead of 1 cal physics and 2 other science disciplines for cc transfer.

    I have completed calculus 2 recently and will start linear algebra in the spring. Eventually I will take Calculus 3 with Ordinary Differential equations. So my understanding of single variable calculus is good, although their is always room for improvement. :).

    Recently, I took an algebra based physics course and pulled a b (hardly studied). My interest began to nonexistent because:my professor was not good(didn't really care just gave a 15 min lecture and made us solve problems for 2 hours in groups on our own), the book we used for this class was college physics by knight and it sucked (author talked to much)and I felt like dropping out of school. Not because school is extremely hard and I cannot handle the pressure. On the contrary, I never had a formal education until the age of 21 when I enrolled into the community college(college dropout). So I am more of a self learner and really enjoy it.

    I am always happy when the semester ends so I do not have wake up and go to school. Instead I use this amazing time to study what I know already or learn new mathematics. I am at my happiest with a mathbook, paper, pencil on my desk trying to wrap my head around these marvelous concepts.

    I am not a genius by anymeans. I would say a little bit above average because most of my time is spent studying.

    Would mechanics by keplar and kokenlow be extremely hard and or a waste of money at this point? I am currently using serway physics for scientists and engineers 4th ed and find it extremely clear. Although I don't see that much calculus in it.

    Does kepplar have clear explanations or is it just one of those books people like because the problems are difficult.

    Not sure if I forgot to mention. I have not started the first course of calculus based physics. I am scheduled to take it it the spring. The book we are going to use is giancoli and I heard it was a plug and chug book. I am at the point where I am not happy just getting a grade, passing the class, and moving on with myneducation. I rather actually understand something or at least give a good and honest effort doing so.

    Sorry for the grammer, I been up all day reading and I decided to write this post before I go to bed.
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    You'll be fine with your background, imo. They introduce a lot of vector concepts in chapter 1 and that's the majority of what you'll need for the rest of the book. Serway is garbage, that was the required text for my class and it pales in comparison to K&K. It introduces concepts way more in-depth than just plug and chug the way typical intro physics books try to teach you. Worth every penny as I just finished my AP C: Mechanics course this last semester with high marks because of that book.
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    Kleppner and Kolenkow. This might make it easier to find discussions of that book, which are fairly common in our Science and Math Textbooks forum (where I've moved this thread).

    I agree, with your background, it would make a good complement or replacement for Serway. It definitely uses calculus more than Serway does.

    [added] Here's a tip: If you use the "Search" feature at the top right of this page to search for "Kleppner" in this forum, you'll find lots of threads.
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  5. Dec 24, 2014 #4
    Thanks for the correction of the title of the book. KK will be a book I will purchase this week. However, I am confused about what edition to buy. Is the newest edition superior to the older version? The previous edition seems to be 30 dollars less than new edition. I don't mind shelling out a few extra dollars to get the better edition. Do you or the the poster above you have experience with the different editions of KK.

    I used the search function and the only thing I could find that was new was an update of a certain section.
  6. Dec 24, 2014 #5
    Old is fine in good condition I hear. I don't think the subtleties of the changes really make a big difference.
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