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Is the higgs boson necessary for particles to exist.

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    why without the higgs boson, would partical physics be nonsense. why does this particle have such an important impact on particle physics. is this why it was called the god particle? its existence is unquestionably but no one had ever seen it.

    I bet when they discovered it the pa's were like "professor stop packing, they discovered it exist!! yay we still have jobs" just joking of course.
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    Something like the Higgs boson has to exist for the "electroweak" part of the standard model of particle physics to make sense. It could have been different and more complicated from what we actually discovered, though. And its existence wasn't "unquestionable": Nature can always surprise us.

    Calling it the "God particle" is a silly exaggeration. It plays an important role in the standard model, but it's not the single most important particle or something like that.

    Not discovering the Higgs boson would have been immensely more exciting (and been much better for particle physicists' jobs) than discovering it, because it would mean that there was something different and stranger out there to discover. Some people actual talk about the current situation, where we discovered exactly what we expected and nothing else, as the "nightmare scenario" because it is so much less interesting than what could have been.
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    Many (or even all) particles are important for particle physics - you cannot remove them without changing the whole theory.
    That word is not used in physics, it is just a media hype.
    It has been observed clearly. You cannot see it with your eyes, but that is true for most of the things in the universe.
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    no doubt

    I know, that's why I make use of the word had and when they discovered. as to communicate my understanding that it had been discovered.

    I'm looking for a more scientific answer buddy, like what the higgs boson does exactly. I can get this information from wiki or text books, but I come for the service.

    can you not explain this particle in your own words so I can get an understanding of its nature and history.

    any info would be great.
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    An "exact" description needs quantum field theory (QFT), and then you end up here (click the images to continue there). Without QFT, you have to rely on simplified descriptions like the one yenchin linked.
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