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Is the shuffle symbol (music) copyrighted?

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    I want to make an app, but I have no idea whether it can use the shuffle or the loop symbols. Are they copyrighted?

    Thanks in advance

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    In general, you should assume that the actual image is copyrighted but that some other clearly different one may be okay like changing the color AND changing the arrows AND doing something to show that it's clearly different from the Apple version. Now if you could find an international symbol equivalent then that might be okay to use but again you'd need to check the owning organization about using it and what restrictions may apply.

    Some companies go to great length to protect their icons and color themes.

    Having voiced the legalities: search google using "media shuffle symbol" to view them.

    And from Wikipedia where it seems the symbol is part of a common standard


    And some online icon directories:

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    oh boy this is gonna be harder than I thought
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    Most apps use at least some text, right? I've never done app development myself, whether for commercial purposes or not, but surely there must be fonts that you can use with a minimum of licensing or copyright hassles.
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