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News Is the World really headed for another Dark Age?

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    I'm talking about the World economy becoming so bad that it'll ultmately lead to revolts in every country and then the ensuing anarchy, which will bring down all the governments and authority.. reverting us back 300 years into another dark middle age.

    Before you answer, please give my question serious thought, as I think it's really possible it could happen.. I mean the economy is seeing no sign of bottoming out, isn't it?

    Thanks in advance for your opinion!
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    Vanadium 50

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    Let's see.

    The last time the GDP was this low was 2007.

    Yup. Sure looks like a Dark Age to me.
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    I thought this subject was in reference to climate change. How is the economy going to get that bad? It's bad yes, lots of people lose their jobs get repossed, it's terrible but it's happened before, it's the logical conclusion of free market unregulated Friedmanite capitalism.

    People get richer while others get poorer, and people should get angry. They had a week of riots in Greece, a few upsets in France, some English people reverted to rascism and blamed foreign workers for taking their jobs, but it's hardly a sign of an impending "dark age" is it; that is until you factor climate change into the equation
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    So you all seriously think the tumbling world economy won't lead to the end of civilization as we know it?

    I'm not worried about 'climate change' the earth has seen more dramatic climate change in the past and many species managed to survive, let alone humans.
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    Lets flip it around: why do you think it could? And ask yourself just how far the economy would have to fall to get there.
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    You forgot to put QED
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    I think that's PETA's complaint.
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    You're right to mock that sentence. It's nieve isn't it? To think that wealth is in itself a sign of exploitation? Yes, now I agree, one needs to understand the world better to realise that being rich is a good thing and should be celebrated. So that when we are confronted with those who are very much worse off than we are we can say we've done nothing wrong.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What was the GDP during the dark age?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Two sheep and a bushel of wheat.
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    Actually, during the dark age in the little ice age, it was too difficult for wheat to grow. It was half a bushel of rye.

    http://williamcalvin.com/readings/Fagan 1999 chapter on LIA.htm

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    I'm not clear on this. Are you saying the poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer? Or are you saying that some are getting poor and some are getting rich?
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    Considering that Bush was President then, maybe you are on to something?
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    No! The future is bright. Get some :cool:
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    Yes, the time has come. We all are doomed to die. It's the end and Jesus is coming to save his people only :devil:
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    This might be off topic but once I heard that the dark ages were actually "dark" caused by the enviroment. Is this true?
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    Ach! Here we are, facing a recession arguably less worse than the '70's and we have people saying doomsday!
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    I do remember watching something on the history channel about this. But it seems that
    you have your ages confused ... the dark ages are attributed to the fall of the Roman Empire and the subsequent lack of unity and the chaos derived therefrom. Many problems in European history during the medieval period can be blamed on prolonged winters caused by vocanic eruptions.
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    From my studies of history I get the impression that the fall of Rome was due to an affinity for sophistry. Put simply, the ruling class so caught up in the ability to propagate their own self-serving ideologies though rhetoric that society eventually lost grasp of reality. We are clearly on that path today with the financial crisis being just one example, and while I am hopeful we can turn this ship around, I don't see it happening yet.
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