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Homework Help: Is there a guide for the properties of ideal gasses?

  1. Dec 12, 2014 #1
    What I'm asking for is if there is a guide for the properties of processes like isochoric, isobaric, isothermal and adiabatic.

    For instance, a comprehensive guide that tells me that the pressure in an isobaric expansion is the same before and after, etc.

    If there isn't, does anybody have any good rule of thumbs when asked questions like that?
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    You realize that isobaric means equal pressures, and has nothing to do with ideal gases?
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    Oh, I see. Actually when I looked at my notes I found a place where it says the change in pressure is zero. It's just a lot of information to keep up with. Thanks! :)
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    When you learn any new scientific area, one of the first steps has to be learning the terminology.

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