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Is there an easy review about topological insulator?

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    Is there a review paper about topological insulator which is written for non-physics major people?

    If it will be helpful, I know classical physics, basics about band theory and little bit of modern physics, and have just finished learning quantum mechanics (with a book written by Griffiths),
    but I am not that familiar with modern physics.
    If there is a review about topological insulator which is suitable to me, could you recommend?

    Thank you.
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    Sure! There is a nice basic review article by some of the people who first came up with the idea of topological insulators. I read it back when I was in undergrad and when I had a similar background as you, and I remember liking it back then:


    In case you cannot access that with your internet, here is the free version: http://arxiv.org/abs/1002.3895
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