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Is there an equivalent to Siskel & Ebert for novels?

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    I read Siskel's and Ebert's reviews of movies from when I was 12 years old until their deaths. I found the reviews to be very interesting. The closest thing to an equivalent of Siskel & Ebert's reviews of movies to novels that I know of is amazon.com. However, amazon.com reviews of novels are just reviews made by any random person who wants to write a review.

    What is the equivalent reviewer(s) for novels (if any)?
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    When I want opinions on good novels, I go to goodreads.com

    It takes advantage of large demographics to help you find types of books you're interested in. More nuanced than just one or two authorities with their subjective opinions.

    Go to the 'recommendations' section. It gives you a sampling of books - or has you pick your own - and you tell it whether you liked or disliked them, and it starts to "learn" your preferences so it can recommend books.
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    The NY Times has always been considered a reliable and more-or-less intelligent reviewer of books. They don't have a single pair of reviewers, but an ever changing stable of them. The NY Times Sunday edition used to be available just about everywhere in the US, and, in addition to it's popular and challenging crossword puzzle, it had a dedicated book review insert each Sunday so you could keep up with the latest stuff published and I pretty much used to buy it for that.

    It seems to be online now:

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