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Other Need Suggestions for Scientific Review

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    Hi Everyone,

    My college runs a student run academic journal in which students read and write a review of a topic in physics and then some are selected for publication. I am determined to get mine accepted but am struggling to pick good topics. Topics must have research being carried out now/recently (at least some advances being made this decade) and the review summaries the current field along with possible new directions etc.

    Ideally a good topic would; not be too advanced to understand for an outsider, be original/novel but not necessarily.

    Previous Topics include quantum encryption, solar panel hybrid panels, avian homing mechanisms via quantum, quantum model of olfactory (smell) system and so on. Quantum computers seems too hard.

    Currently half way through my third year (Physics Degree) and have some chemistry under my belt. I was thinking about possibly a project about some aspect of MRI machines or Magnetic Resonance but am completely open to areas which people may be familiar with or recently found out about that may fit this bill.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Just an idea, (might not comply full to the standards set though): The evolution of smartphone devices the last 10 years and their current and future trends in this area. They are not quantum computing, they are still conventional digital electronic computers but it is remarkable the technological advantages that have been done in this area. There are now smartphones that are comparable in capabilities to a modern desktop PC. It is pure technological power in the palm of our hands.

    You can write about things like battery power and size, cpu cores frequency and power consumed, flash memory capacity and speeds e.t.c at the desired level of scientific detail.

    Also smartphones are very popular in young people/students so everyone would have an idea of what you gonna write about.
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    Yeah that's a great idea. thanks for the suggestion
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