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  1. bagasme

    How to write a novel, given the synopsis that I had written?

    Hello all, In schools I had been dealt with novels (just quotes from them) on any language classes. I had discussed a lot about its plot, the characters, background, and even moral stories. But I haven't ever been taught about how to write my own. In grade 12 of high school, instead I learned...
  2. scottdave

    Ursula K. LeGuin has passed away

    Ursula K. LeGuin, SciFi/Fantasy author, has passed away Jan. 22. I read only one of her novels: The Left Hand of Darkness, which I enjoyed. Here is her obituary. Here is an...
  3. X

    Fiction/Nonfiction novel explaining Magnetism?

    Hi, I am new to the forums and thought of asking this question convenient right here. So, I was wondering that we have many novels explaining Astronomy and Particle physics for non physicists or physics enthusiasts. For example books on Biographies of say Einstein go a little deep into his...
  4. Naomi

    What Novel are You Reading? Holiday Read Recommendations?

    The holidays are upon us. With the holiday's comes time off work and school for many. What books are you reading during your spare time? Do you Have any Favorite holiday reads? Perhaps some guilty favorites? Currently I am working on four novels: 1. The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene 2. Anna...
  5. rania yassin

    Physics Novels

    well i really like reading novels so i was wondering if there's any novels about physics that are good ??? :P