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Other Looking for a good differential equations text

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    Good afternoon,

    I've been working my way through Serge Lang's series of textbooks, and I recently completed A First Course in Calculus. I'm currently working through the sequel to that book, Multivariable Calculus, and that should keep me tied up for at least two months.

    Looking ahead, however, I'm not sure where to go. Logically, (and based on the order of my undergrad classes) Differential Equations should come next. But it doesn't appear that Lang wrote a book on Differential Equations. Worse, he doesn't include any differential equations concepts in his Calculus books (and he doesn't seem to have any of that in his Linear Algebra book, either.)

    I'm looking for a text, then, that will help me review and formalize my understanding of differential equations. I'm seeking a writing style like Lang's: Rigorous, theoretical, full of proofs, but having simple examples to build some basic computational skill as well.

    As a bit of background, I'm a math major that graduated 5 years ago. Regrettably, I've lost some of my knowledge from my undergrad, wasn't taught it properly (i.e. it was really watered down), or just wasn't taught it at all. I aspire to get my Ph. D in mathematics, and am preparing myself for the math subject GRE next October. To help prepare, I'm working my way through each undergrad course with Lang's texts, reading, doing problems, and writing proofs. Further, I have a test prep book from Princeton Review to give me challenging problems and help to review some of the things taught by Lang.

    Thanks for your help in this regard.
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    Morris Tenenbaum ODE is a very good book
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