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Is there an odesk / elance equivalent for tutoring math/phy?

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    Tutor needed: Is there an odesk / elance equivalent for tutoring math/phy?

    Hi all,

    Im in my 3rd year at university studying physics and mathematics. However, Im now taking a year off from university to do self studying. My goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects, as well as gaining some serious problem solving skills, and along the way I need a tutor.

    In fact, I need an online tutor due to various reasons. Unfortunately sites like odesk and elance dont have an academics section, which would have been ideal for my situation. I was hoping that someone here has any suggestions, because apparently - google hasn't.

    I had in mind a PhD/PostDoc/Assistant Professor-level tutor. It's not enough to just help me solving problems - I need to understand the concepts, proofs and theory. To give you some idea of of subjects I want to learn, here's some of the books I've bought:

    "Mathematical Analysis, Second Edition"
    - Tom M. Apostol
    "Problem Solving Through Problems"
    - Loren C. Larson;
    "How to Sole It"
    -George PĆ³lya
    "Elementary Number Theory: Second Edition"
    - Underwood Dudley;
    Complex Variables"
    - Francis J. Flanigan;
    "Challenge Your Brain Math & Logic Puzzles"
    - Dave Tuller;
    "An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers" and "A Course of Pure Mathematics"
    - G. H. Hardy
    "Ideals, Varieties, and Algorithms: An Intro. to Computational Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra"
    - David A. Cox;
    "Mathematical Physics"
    - Donald Howard Menzel;
    "Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers"
    - Richard W. Hamming;
    "Introduction to Topology"
    - Bert Mendelson;

    I have not found any sites that provides tutors on these kind of topics, although they are pretty basic. PF is a great resource indeed, but I think that for my project I need a personal tutor. I hope Im not opposing the site rules here - Im just trying to get some advice on how to get guidance along my project :)

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    You could try talking to/emailing grad students or post-docs and asking them if they want to be your online tutor. Tell them how much you would be willing to pay them. Some grad students tutor to get an additional income. You might even want to contact different people for different subjects (a math grad student for help with number theory, for example, and a physics grad student for help with mathematical physics).
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    Thanks for you reply, sweetpotato. In fact, I have tried your method a couple of times, but with no success. I actually found them at odesk by chance after reading their profile. After their decline I kindly asked them if they know of anyone else that might be interested. But they didn't answer this.

    Im also feeling kind of uncomfortable with spamming inboxes of random students. I do not want to be rude, either.
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    You could also try putting ads in local university newspapers, or posting fliers on university campuses.
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    Hi k4ff3, this is Nicole from vWorker.com (formerly known as Rentacoder.com). vWorker provides access to workers who offer assistance under the category, "homework help" in case you're interested.
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    Thank you Nicole! Btw what happened to RAC, why the namechange?
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