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Is there or has there been a board or thread discussing Nanotechnology.

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    :cool: Hey ya'll,

    I was wondering, if there anyone has discussed topics dealing with nanotechnology. For instance, what are the latests developments, how far has the cutting edge advanced, aside from sensors is there reasearchlooking into programable nanobots, what sorts of materials have been developed, ect?

    If anyone works in the field or just follows the literature, please holla back. I've started getting an interest since reading a sci-fi book by J. Carver 'From a changling star.' It showcases some amazing things with respect to nanotechnology.

    I've heard about the promise that nanotubes hold for ultra strong materials and how buckyballs and other manipulations with the sphereical form of the carbon molecule has shown novel properties.

    What else is out there? I've seen designs for molecular sized gears, rotors and levers. I know there are tiny energy sources available to provide power. So, whats on the horizon? :cool:
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    Come on, somebody must have some info! Is the info classified or sumtin'?
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    http://www.nano.gov/html/research/home_research.html [Broken]

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    Thanks, Plum

    It looks like noone wants to discuss nano tech though.
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    There is a forum on this subject at "diffusion in polymers platform".
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