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I Is this a compound angle? What's the geometric meaning?

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    β is vehicle sideslip (angle between velocity and vehicle forward vector) ψ the angle between the trajectory tangent and vehicle forward vector. I have this equation that says

    Vx * k * (cos ψ - tan β * sin ψ)

    where k is trajectory curvature (1 / r) at point p.

    Now i must say that i'm not proficient with compound angles at all, so i'm struggling to understand if everything inside the parenthesis is basically a compound angle. Moreover i'm struggling to visualize its geometric meaning.

    Can anyone try to help me out with this one?

    (I believe that k just acts as a multiplier according to the curvature so it's not the problem itself)

    Thanks in advance
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    That's not an equation that says anything because there are no two sides with an "equals" sign between them. Setting that aside, you can rewrite the expression as
    $$V_xk\frac{\cos (\psi+\beta)}{\cos \beta}$$
    Does this answer your question?
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