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Is this an example of Relativity?

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    So since I've started learning up on SR, the way I look at some things is nothing like it used to be before. The other day I was sitting down looking about, when I went cross eyed for a moment. Then I realised something quite interesting. If you have an object in front of you and you cross your eyes, it would appear if the object was sitting in two places. Neither positions are wrong, both are correct, but it can appear if they're in different places.

    Is this a simple example of relativity? Two eyes (and one brain) acting as individual observers, observing the same object but dissagreeing with what position it's in?
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    No. You can call it 'relativity' if you want, but it has nothing to do with the theory of relativity of Einstein.
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    Cool, thanks...
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    I do see some analogies. There is an object at a certain position, and each eye sees it at a different angle. No problem. But the brain expects something different, and insists that there is one object at two different positions, which is nonsense. It's about distinguishing facts from interpretation, and that's the biggest hurdle on the way to understanding SR.
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