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Is this possible (relates to String Theory)

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    So according to String Theory, the properties of Elementary particles is due to the vibrating properties of strings. Lets pretend that technology was developed that could alter the vibrations of strings, also assuming that string theory is correct. If we change the vibrations of the strings then the particles could be changed to something else, which would result in a change in mass. According to E=mc^2 this would also result in a change in energy. Would it be possible to generate energy in this manner, by altering the vibrations of strings?
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    can someone review this and please respond?
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    In order to change the vibration of the string, you must spend some external energy. In this way the total energy will be conserved.
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    That's likely just what happens in a nuclear reaction.....so while the prior post may be technically correct (I have no idea)

    I support your view in concept...as long as we agree that's pure speculation...

    In fact if strings actually exist, even chemical reactions must somehow do what you suggest since we can get energy from some.

    For example, black holes in theory have the energy to grow strings such that one string might constitute even the massive black holes at the center of galaxies....collapse the black hole a bit (with some as yet unknown technology) and whamo, likely lots of energy for us....
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