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B The dimension of time in String Theory

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    I was doing some reading on String Theory...I'm not a scientist, but i enjoy it (so forgive me if my question is stupid) and i was wondering: Being time a dimension, could it be the dimension the strings exist in? And interaction between all particles and all forces determine how they vibrate, thus affecting the "becoming" of time?
    I would appreciate very much if, in the case this is not possible, someone could explain to me why not in some detail. Thank you!
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    When you formulate string theory you start with the world sheet, which is basically the area swept out by the string in time. This is analogous to the worldline of a particle. You can then continue to build the theory by thinking of the desired properties and symmetries you want for the string. This will place several constraints on the theory. You find that in order for the theory to be consistent, the strings much exist in a much higher dimensional space which is determined by the contents of the particular theory. For example, in bosonic string theory you have 26 space time dimensions. If you have supersymmetry (a symmetry between bosons and fermions) you can reduce it to 10. Since we only live in 4 space time dimensions people have been trying to successfully compacting the extra spatial dimensions. There are many ways to do this so there are many types of string theories with different dimensions and other properties.
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