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Calculus Isaac Newton - The Mathematical Principles of Natural

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    how can i find this book??

    ( Isaac Newton - The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy)
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    Amazon? Bookstore? Online free pdf version?
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    is there another websites?? please??
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    thank you.
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    The Principia is pretty rough going, even in translation. It's not The Universe for Dummies kind of book.
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    Indeed. I noticed that you posted this under calculus. I certainly wouldn't recommend the Principia as a reference for this. You could try Newton's Method of Fluxions for historical curiosity. I made it through about 70 pages of the Principia over the course of several weeks a few years ago before deciding it was too much effort at the time. Someday maybe...

    You might look into Newton's Principia for the Common Reader in which Chandrasekhar analyzes Newton's propositions. I haven't given it a go yet, but if I tackle the Principia again that is probably the book I'll choose, at least as a companion.
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    Most of the arguments which Newton made in the Principia are geometric. Although Newton had made his discoveries in the calculus many years before writing the Principia, he was reluctant to publish his mathematical works in a timely fashion, which is one reason for the friction between him and Leibniz over priority of discovery of key concepts in the calculus.




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