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Isomers of Pentene So confused!

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    I have a question where I have to name the isomers of pentene. I understand how to do pent-1-ene and pent-2-ene, then I am stuck. Any prodding?
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    You've changed the positions of the double bond. Now try changing positions of the C-atoms. Pluck one out at the end and stick it back somewhere else.

    Also, keep in mind that such threads belong in the Homework and Coursework forum.
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    Does the name 3-methyl-but-1-ene mean anything to you?
    (Not forgetting cyclopentane, of course).
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    Right, 3-methylbut-1-ene is an isomer of pentene.

    In addition to:
    *pent-2-ene (both E & Z :biggrin:)

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    Thanks a lot even i got stuck after pent-1-ene, pent-2-ene and 2-methyl-but-1-ene.Again thanks for helping me to finish my homework.
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