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Its a mistake to pursue for Physics honors in India

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    Its a mistake to pursue for Physics honors in India !!!!


    It is Arnab aka Esteban-Pato...

    I m doing Physics honors under the university of Calcutta, India and is in my 1st year...

    The tremendous passion towards Astrophysics and Cosmology from my very childhood has attracted me to take Physics as my honors subject !!!

    So...till then there was no such problem...though right from the start...my guardians were against my decision of pursuing B.sc..but I still chosen my passion over every other thing !!!

    But now...after some 4-5 months in the course...circumstances have made me inclined to believe that I have made a mistake..because as it stands that though I wanted to pursue a research career but it seems that..there are dead-ends everywhere in India..

    The only thing that one can do after B.sc..is to pursue to M.sc and then get to Professor jobs or otherwise go about giving banking and railway sector examinations for securing a Rs.40000 per month job !!!!

    Even finding a Undergraduate associate program here comes out to be a job as tough as inter-galactic travel !!!...so I am now considering to prepare for standard Engineering exams to pursue a career there...

    So...these are my problems...but if any of you people, specially from India...think that I am making a mistake now and the decision I took 5 months ago was right...then do share your thoughts...

    x !!!!!
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    Re: Its a mistake to pursue for Physics honors in India !!!!

    Ok. What about Philosophy, Economics, English Literature or Commerce? Would you rather be doing that? Even if you were, in what ways, are the job prospects for people doing these subjects, *substantially* better than that of someone doing Physics?

    You've found something you love. I think that's great. Professorships are hard to come by. Physics PhDs do find other work. If a safe job is what you want, then there's other things you can do which will make your life easier, but even then, you'll never be certain of getting a job.

    Think about what you want and then figure out how to get it. Know that getting a PhD in Physics is not necessarily the best way to make big bucks. Rs40k in India is enough money for a person to live on, I'd say.
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    Re: Its a mistake to pursue for Physics honors in India !!!!

    How bout just doing engineering??
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