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IV curve of a BD-5 tunnel diode

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    Hi All

    Anyone know where I might find the IV curve for a General Electric BD-5 tunnel diode? I have found a few short datasheets for the BD series, but I really need a curve.

    Does anyone know where to find such a thing? Or should I just get the SourceMeter out and make one myself.

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    I googled BD-5 tunnel diode, and got some hits. Here's one with a sketch of the curve:


    from a report on some research.

    It may be the most effective like you say to just sweep out the curve yourself. If you're in Silicon Valley, I have a curve tracer next to my lab bench that I could let you use....
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    Hi Berkeman

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I ended up travelling home for christmas, so no internet.

    Cheers for looking, but that doesn't really have the detail I need. And I'm a few thousand miles too far east to take up your generous offer to lend a curve tracer. I managed to borrow a good Keithley SourceMeter, so I'll just do the measurements back at the lab.

    Thanks anyway
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    Side note: One of my first assignments at my work was sweep out the I-V curves for several zener diodes. We didn't have a curve tracer readily available, so I had to build a test jig using only a power supply and a resistor.
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    EDIT: OK, so I was replying to a post pushing some curvefitting software, which got deleted as spam, but I'll leave my post here as the info may be useful.

    Ignoring the fact that this thread has been dead for months, and the fact that a lorentzian fit to a badly-sketched curve without any values on it would be about as much use as a water soluble lifeboat, I do now have some useful data.

    For anyone who's interested I did take appropriate data back in February. I thought I'd make it available to anyone who's searching the web for it.
    I've attatched rough IV plots of two BD5 diodes and a BD4 diode, measured with a sourcemeter at room temperature. Usual disclamers apply (not all the diodes are the same, for all you know I'm incompetent etc. etc.)


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