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Job prospect for civil and general engineering.

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    I am an undergrad in civil. I've heard the current job prospect for civil engineering isn't looking very good, especially in the structural side. So I am tempting to switch out. I was equally interested in mechanical and civil, however, my gpa wasn't good enough to get into mechanical. So instead I am considering transfer into general engineering with a secondary field in Automotive Engineering or Robotics. Which one has better job prospect (civil or general engineering)?
    Like I said, I am interested in both of these engineering disciplines, I am looking to compare which one has better job prospect.

    Is here another field of engineering that is similar to MechE, that I can look into?

    Another question: If I choose to stay in civil, which primary field has better job prospect (structural, geotech, environmental, construction management..etc) ?

    By the way, I attend the University of Illinois.
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    "the current job prospect for civil engineering isn't looking very good'

    where did you hear that ?

    I believe structural is the best in civil.
    there is not much in Geotech.
    Construction management can be rough, like you have to work on site, which can be dnagerous when there are crane and pile drivers running around.
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    It can be dangerous if the rate of security on a construction site is low - i.e. not according to the standards. Otherwise, it's relatively safe.

    I assume the job prospect varies from country to country. Here, the economical crysis has made it look bad. But we all hope to see a recovery within a year or so.

    Structural is considered to be "most elite", but this is only a stereotype. Every branch is interesting in its own way.
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