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General Engineering & Dry Dock Company was a shipbuilding company in Alameda, California that was active from the 1920s through the 1940s. The company built ships for the Southern Pacific Railroad and the United States Coast Guard in the late 1920s and early 1930s.
At the beginning of World War II, the U.S.Navy started the program for expand the navy. The U.S.Navy used two separate shipbuilding and shiprepair sites to create the Naval Industrial Reserve Shipyard (NIRS) Alameda. The first was the General Engineering and Dry Dock Company. The company worked under contract NObs-344 and built small warships for the U.S. Navy. The shipyard had four shipbuilding ways, which were designed for the simultaneous construction of several ships. During World War II General Engineering and Dry Dock Company built sixteen 1,250-ton minesweepers, eleven 850-ton minesweepers, and four 560-ton anti-submarine net layers at the Site. In 1946, the U.S. Navy ceased contract with company. The second portion of the Site was to the east of the shipbuilding company. It was purchased from March 24 to July 7, 1942.General Engineering & Dry Dock Company shipbuilding company started in Oakland, California. To support the World War II demand for ships General Engineering built: minesweepers and Net laying ships. General Engineering was opened in 1919 as Barnes & Tibbitts shipyard by J. D. Barnes and W. G. Tibbitts. Mr. Barnes sold his interest to Tibbitts in 1922 and changed the company name to General Engineering & Dry Dock Company. Tibbitts purchased Hanlon Dry Dock shipyard in Oakland in 1928. After World War II, both shipyards closed in 1948. The shipyard was located at 1805 Clement Ave, Alameda, California. The site is now the Alameda Marina and Island Yacht Club.

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  1. sauravp

    How to make an accurate and consistent turret for this projectile competition?

    Summary:: What propelling mechanism can get me most consistent shots? Compressed air, spring powered, rubber band powered or any other Hello, I am a high school student participating in a local competition where I have to make a turret. Here are the rules: 1) The projectile has to fall in a...
  2. L

    Is the OU Beng Engineering Degree Respected by Employers?

    Hi Currently doing finish my HND mechanical engineering (distinction so far) and have HNC in general engineering (distinctions). I am late twenties so looking for unis to do top-up degree or second/third year uni. I've just come across open uni. Has anybody done or know about the OU Beng...
  3. A

    Simplicity as an advantage of a certain method or approach to a problem

    hi, i don't know if this qualifies as a question or not, but this is something i can't really understand. i am an engineering undergrad, when we are learning about the pros and cons of different method of doing anything , for example maximum power point tracking in PV systems, we discussed a...
  4. labentzel

    Programs Chemical Engineering vs. Electrical Engineering Major

    Hello everyone! I'm currently a student about to get my AA degree at the end of the semester so the time has come for me to transfer from community college to university and, most importantly, decide on a major. Throughout my college career thus far, I've bounced around with ideas like...
  5. E

    Engineering General engineering with specialization in electrical

    Hi, I want to be an engineer but am not completely decided on what kind. I was wondering if I get a general engineering degree and get a specialization in electrical engineering, will this allow me to pursue a job as an electrical/electronics engineer out of college? Any help would be...
  6. W

    Calculating voltage of pm generator

    I'm attempting to build my own pm generator and am trying to calculate voltage output. I see the formula for voltage output is N = number of turns of a coil, A = area of the coil and M = rate of magnetic field change in Tesla's/sec. So V=NxAxM Ok I get most of that,but what is eluding me is how...
  7. J

    Programs Is Harvey Mudd's General Engineering program enough for a career in Aerospace?

    I am compiling a list of schools to apply to once I finish my lower-division coursework at Community College. Harvey Mudd is among the schools I am considering. I know Harvey Mudd is highly-regarded and their engineering program is ranked number 1 among schools where a master's degree is the...
  8. carllacan

    How to learn general engineering ?

    How to learn "general engineering"? Hi. I'm a third year physics bachelor student. I'd like to learn how to apply my physics knowledge to the design of products. Which skills do you think should I try to learn? Like: 3D design, technical drawing, electronics... In other words: once I know the...
  9. R

    How to solve general engineering equation (Duhammel Integral)

    Dear All, I'll need your guidance on how to solve the equation generally encountered in engineering equations, which is mainly in that form M*X''(t)+C*X'(t)+K*X(t) = F(t), where M, C, K and F(t) are mass, damp, stiffness and external force matrices respectively. Actually those equation may...
  10. M

    General Engineering Dimensional Analysis

    The period T of a pendulum of length L, mass m in a gravitational field g ms-2 is suspected to be a function of L, m and g. If it is postulated that T=KLxmygz where K is a dimensionless constant, use dimensional analysis to obtain the constants x, y and z. There's only one pi group I came up...
  11. U

    Analysis for my general engineering theoretical design project?

    Homework Statement Hi all, So I am in an intro to design and ethics class and we are creating a theoretical design project. Basically just going through the 10 steps, but actually coming up with ideas, doing research, and conceptually creating some alternative solutions (the project...
  12. S

    General Engineering Major Discussion

    Hi, I'm a graduating senior in high school in NY. I'm going to be attending a mostly liberal arts college in NH next year; but I will most likely major in one type of engineering. My engineering interests include AI, cloud computing, semiconductors, energy storage systems (ultracapacitors...
  13. W

    General Engineering or Chemical?

    So the University of Queensland offers an optional first year general engineering program; at which point you choose a specialization. Alternatively, I think I can just jump straight into Chemical Engineering, which I'm pretty sure is the one i want. I can't know for sure until i get some...
  14. D

    Engineering Job prospect for civil and general engineering.

    I am an undergrad in civil. I've heard the current job prospect for civil engineering isn't looking very good, especially in the structural side. So I am tempting to switch out. I am equally interested in mechanical and civil, however, my gpa wasn't good enough to get into mechanical. So instead...
  15. D

    Job prospect for civil and general engineering.

    I am an undergrad in civil. I've heard the current job prospect for civil engineering isn't looking very good, especially in the structural side. So I am tempting to switch out. I was equally interested in mechanical and civil, however, my gpa wasn't good enough to get into mechanical. So...
  16. N

    Help with a VERY general Engineering degree

    Engineering, of whatever field, tends to have a course which is predetermined, and there isn't much room for electives, or a minor. I also understand, that Engineering (generally speaking) is mostly applications of Physics and Math. That said, I was wondering, could I "create" my own general...