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Job search question! Out of the box opportunities for EE graduates

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    I'm going to finish my undergrad in about 3 semesters, and I've come to realize through school and internships that if I have to do any programmming for a full-time job upon graduation, I will go insane. So my question is this, and the answer may be a simple 'no, that's ridiculous'. Are there any jobs for fresh college EE graduates that require ZERO programming? Google doesn't seem to have an answer for this, because a majority of the jobs certainly do seem to have a programming component. If not, I am fully prepared to apply for a police academy or something off the wall like that, but I figured I'd see what my major has to offer first. Thanks!
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    rpkostrzewa, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Don’t go insane (or worry) about having to “do programming” as an electronics engineer. I have worked in several different companies’ engineering departments and I guarantee you that there are many tasks for engineers who never need to “do programming”.

    One company had a separate group of programmers that interfaced with the rest of us. They wrote the code, our systems operated using it, and the rest of us did other aspects of the design, development (which included feedback to the programmers about problems and suggestions for improvements), and testing of the product.

    Stay calm, be confident, and don’t stop learning when you leave school.
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    Thanks Bobbywhy, that's encouraging :)

    My electives right now are centered on electromagnetics, materials, and power engineering, and I really enjoy the classes so its good news to hear I don't have to abandon my major! I'm curious about what types of job titles I should look for when I'm applying for jobs...
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    rpkostrzewa, Rather than bother your head about what job titles to look for consider this: You are the graduate electrical engineer, and the companies you will be interviewing with know exactly what they are looking for…let them apply a title if they want to. A slightly different approach may be useful. If, for example, you were particularly interested in electromagnetics and power engineering then you would search out those companies that make things like Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS), then custom-tailor your resume on their work and products. You must study the company BEFORE any contact with it. If your interests were with microwaves you could find companies that make radar, and so on.
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    jim hardy

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    with those electives you'll have no trouble. Sounds like you enjoy machinery.

    i'd say look for terms field engineer or startup engineer.

    in next few decades there will be plenty of work in energy side of economy as the country builds windmills, solar (check out NextEraEnergy), and replaces its ancient nuclear and coal fleets.

    Transportation is another growing field that operates big machinery, and don't think a railroad is boring.

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    I did not do any programming in the last 25 years of my career. You better be good in math, analog, electromagnetics though.

    I was working almost full time programming for a while and realize I don't like it at all, so I move out of digital microprossor design.

    If you don't like analog and EM on top of programming, then you are in the wrong major!!!
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