What is Power engineering: Definition and 33 Discussions

Power engineering, also called power systems engineering, is a subfield of electrical engineering that deals with the generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization of electric power, and the electrical apparatus connected to such systems. Although much of the field is concerned with the problems of three-phase AC power – the standard for large-scale power transmission and distribution across the modern world – a significant fraction of the field is concerned with the conversion between AC and DC power and the development of specialized power systems such as those used in aircraft or for electric railway networks. Power engineering draws the majority of its theoretical base from electrical engineering.

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  1. G

    Suggestions for research topics for M.Sc. in Nuclear Power Engineering

    Summary: Suggestion on experimental research related to reactor for master's degree dissertation. Summary: Suggestion on experimental research related to reactor for master's degree dissertation. I have just started my master's degree course in Nuclear Power Engineering and decided to...
  2. S

    Engineering Electrical Machine - Shunt DC Motor Problem

    Hi guys, can someone please have a look at the following problem that I am struggling with; An 8.25 kW shunt DC motor is supplied with a terminal DC voltage of 300 V. The armature resistance of the motor Ra is 0.25 ohms, and the field resistance Rf is 40 ohms. The field winding consists of 1500...
  3. arkaddas

    AC Mains Distribution energized from multiple AC voltage sources

    Even though its possible to keep a bus charged from more than one AC voltage sources, what can be the consequences of doing so? My thoughts: - Assuming thst both the sources have similar (but not equal) phase and magnitude, we can expect small circulating currents. Which brings into question the...
  4. V

    Engineering Job security for Power Engineers

    Hello, I am going to start school soon for E.E with an emphasis in Power Systems Engineering, I live in NYC and am 21 y.o. I've been reading forum responses across the web from unemployed engineers (Unhealthy habit I know), people don't specify what they specialize in hence the query. I am...
  5. V

    Engineering Is passion the key to success in power engineering?

    So I am 21 years old, I only recently found out that I am interested in electrical engineering. I live in NYC and am heading into cuny city tech for my first semester. E.E is a very broad field and I think that going into power engineering would be a good career move because it cannot be...
  6. Vikas Kasireddy

    Power Engineering Paper Ideas

    I am electrical engineering senior taking a class on power generator, power distribution, and motor design. I am looking for final papers ideas. I am very interested in energy storage and its applications. One paper I found was http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7362184/?reload=true. I am...
  7. kostoglotov

    Good beginner's resources for power factors and grids

    I am doing a BSEE and going power side. I am also applying for scholarships and bursaries, and would like to be able to talk specifically about power factors. More than this though, I want to understand it. Most of what I've found so far is very specialized and technical. What good resources...
  8. J

    Questions in power engineering

    May I know seek advice from experienced guys because I have interview test for my power engineering as below. Thank you. a) For 600A switchboard, what type of device setting need to do? Can I say that I need to do setting for direct acting for MCCB since more than 300A and Earth fault...
  9. Donello

    Engineering Power engineering career prospects?

    Hi,I am enrolling in an Electrical engineering program at one of the best schools in Europe (RWTH Aachen, Germany). Starting at the 4th semester, I will have to choose one of these fields of concentration : -Power engineering -Nano and Micro electronics -Information and Communication...
  10. D

    Electric machines (looking for books)

    Please help me, this is my last hope. I am an el. engineer student and i need GOOD books on electrical machinery. My proffesor is more a good repairman than a great scientist who could teach me about all the theoretical (matematical and physical) concepts which have led to modern design process...
  11. G

    Power Engineering Exam Practice Questions

    Hello, I've solved some questions for my exam tomorrow. Since I do not have any answers to the questions, could you please confirm if it is correct? I have questions on the last problem. Also I will post more questions, just I am working on them now. Question 1: a) 6 Pole ->3 pairs...
  12. QuangNguyen

    Electrical Power Engineering Studying

    Hello everyone from PhysicsForums, At the moment, I'm nearly 90% of my first year completion in Finnish University of Applied Science. During my first year, I have acquired some basic knowledges about circuit analysis, Labview and MATLAB programming, basic mathematics and physics. For the next...
  13. M

    Calculate Currents & Power in 3-Phase Systems w/ Star-Connected Load

    Homework Statement Hello, I am given the following problem. A balanced three phase 4 wire supply has r.m.s. line voltage of 415V and supplies a star-connected load made of 3 impedances: Za = 10 - j10; Zb = 10 + j10; Zc = 0 + j8; Calculate the current phase and neutral currents, also the total...
  14. R

    Engineering College student with question about power engineering jobs

    I am currently a Junior. If I get an entry level job that involves software engineering, would it be hard to land my second job involving power engineering? Also, I know the job market for power engineering is good so how would I get experience with it before I graduate? I'm taking a class...
  15. R

    Help With Finding a Good School in the U.S. for Power Engineering?

    Hello everybody, I am looking for a good school in the U.S. that specializes in Electrical Power Engineering. However I'm coming up short. I searched the forums to see if anyone else had discussed this topic, and couldn't find much, so I decided to make a post. I'd be grateful to hear any...
  16. P

    MS / MEng in Power Engineering?

    Hi guys! I am wondering if any of you have any knowledge or anecdotes regarding the benefits of getting a graduate degree if one is thinking of doing Power Engineering (subset of EE for those of you who do not know). I am planning to go into the industry in the end. Currently, I do not see any...
  17. P

    What are latest innovation in Power Engineering?

    Hi guys. I am studying on Power Engineering and there is going to be a small conference in my University connected to my subject, so I thought I would take a place too. I Googled for a while about innovations in Power Engineering and found nothing, so can you please tell me what are some...
  18. trollcast

    How important are power engineering classes?

    I'm trying to decide between 2 courses, Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Software and Electronic Engineering. I haven't got the complete class lists for both to compare but going by the bits I've got and the descriptions, the software and electronics course is basically the same as...
  19. E

    Should i go for power engineering or excel my career in hvac.

    i m going to be a mechanical engineer this year :smile: ,In my third academic year i studied a subject named as steam generation and steam turbine..that subject is awesome ..since i have strong background of thermodynamics i liked it very much and got highest marks.its my final year now..and i m...
  20. P

    Synchronous Generator. Power engineering question.

    Homework Statement Consider following: a three-phase synchronous generator which is under excited and drives a load with the power factor of 0.9 . U = 380 V (Main supply voltage) Ia = 75 A Xd = 3 Ω / phase Find the excited voltage E and the load angle δ. Homework Equations Under...
  21. B

    Engineering Power engineering, what is it really like day to day?

    I am a 1st year engineering student, and I am trying to decide what route to focus on after my first year. Right now the classes I am in are basic for all engineering disiplines, so I have a short window to figure it out. Next semester, though, I start more specified classes so I got to decide...
  22. A

    Should I Choose Biomedical or Power Engineering?

    I will soon get a BSc in Electrical Engineering. If I should have the opportunity to work either in a research hospital as a Biomedical Engineer or in an Energy company as a Power Engineer, which one do you think I should choose? NB: The job in the Biomedical Engineering department includes...
  23. L

    Engineering I am a student interested in power engineering

    Hi! I am a student from the US who is going into second year at a tech University and I am interested in becoming a power engineer after I finish my 4 year and obtain a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering. I would like to consult and know more about this career option from other...
  24. B

    West Coast Power Engineering Programs

    Power Engineering I want to transfer as an EE student with a focus on power engineering (renewable energy, smartgrid,...). I want to stay on the West Coast (good surfing!). What schools fit the bill? Thanks!
  25. B

    Engineering Power Engineering: A Rising Career for EE Majors

    I just started part time at a software company, the CEO tells me that if he were my age (a young guy) he would look into Power Engineering. I guess there are sort of 2 general halves of EE, one that has to do with software and electronics (i.e. power usage?) and the other having to do with...
  26. rootX

    Power Engineering & AI Universities in North America: Research & Connect

    What are some good universities in the fields of power engineering and AI in North America for higher education, masters or phd? I guess I can contact my local professors to find about it or get myself familiar with recent developments and contact the authors. So far, I only been trying find...
  27. I

    Searching for Master Thesis Topic in Power Engineering

    Please, I am searching for master Thesis topic in electrical Power engineering: Power System Analysis, Power Systems Economics and deregulation, Power System Stability, Tansmission Grid Planning and Power System Simulations. I will be very glad if somebody could give a link to any professor that...
  28. U

    Power Engineering project idea.

    Hi! I need a topic for my final year project for Engineering. Since 'Power Engineering' is one of the stress areas for Mechanical Engineering (I'm doing B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering), I thought it could be something related to that. I have applied to National Power Training Institute...
  29. C

    Top Power Engineering Companies for Job Seekers?

    Hi, What are the biggest and best power engineering companies to work for(worldwide)? I have majored in power engineering. Thanks
  30. N

    Engineering Roles for Applied Math/Physics grads in Power Engineering?

    Hey all. I was just wondering: what roles (if any) are there at power plants (particularly nuclear) for ppl with just an undergrad in applied math/physics? I am asking, b/c, despite the fact that I often read that ppl with an undergrad in physical sciences can do engineering, I also read...
  31. E

    Deciding on a Master's in Electrical Power Engineering: Which Field to Choose?

    I'm going to take master degree in electrical power engineer at german but it's hard to descide which field is more required in market and has good future so would you help me: 1- Control 2-High voltage 3-Transmission & ditribution 4- renewable energy 5- Other (please verify) thanks for help
  32. rootX

    Engineering Power Engineering vs Computer Engineering: Benefits Comparison

    What are the benefits of this career (particularly in comparison to hardware/RF engineering career)? I understand that engineers working in National (edit: provisional. I meant those government ones) power companies are paid good and the jobs are more stable/secure. Currently, I am interested...
  33. J

    Power Engineering: What Can You Expect from a Career in Electrical Power?

    I'm in school for electrical engineering right now looking at taking coursework for electrical power, like power plants and such. I did have a few questions about it, and was hoping someone would be able to answer: Are there engineers involved in maintaining existing equipment, or is it...