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Jobs for theoretical physicist outside academia

  1. Oct 23, 2012 #1

    I would like to know what can do theoretical physicist who don't get a job in academia, after a phd in theoretical physics or after a postdoc for example.
    I am thinking about people working in theoretical high energy physics, cosmology or things like that. If we compare the number of phd and of permanent positions, it seems a lot of people have to do something else. What jobs do these people find?

    I read a lot of threads about finance. Now are there any opportunities outside of finance?
    What about people who have not done any programming or computer work during their phd?

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    In my experience, if you didn't do any programming for your phd, you'd better learn somewhere. Most of the phds I know, including strictly pen-and-paper theorists (myself included), had to know some programming to land their current jobs.
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