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Joining PET with PET (nonbranded solvent based please!)

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    Hi all! I am searching for solvent based liquid glue for adhering 2 transparent PET sheets together. I tried chloroform and dichloromethane, the PET sheets were adhered but resulting of opaque white fog on my transparent PET sheets. Could someone please advice me another nonbranded chemical liquid to adhere them? I am looking for a nice clear bonding result.
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    I used to face the same problem as you are.Of course you can't adhered pet material with chloroform or even dichloromethane without facing the whiten surface cases,You have to combine them with other material which reduce the viscocity to get the best result.I used to use potassium hydroxide by 20 to 80 percentage,and it got the best results.but please careful since this's a harmful substances,hope this helpful for you.
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    potassium hydroxide? You do mean solid KOH flakes,don't you. I am not sure that it will dissolve in either choloroform or dicholoromethane,even with heating. The KOH powder will surely inhibit the solvent property of the choloroform,if applied in the form of such suspension,won't it. Could you please tell me how did you have a homogene solution of the liquid choloroform and the solid KOH? Or did you have a specific way to apply them to get a nice bonding result?
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