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Just wondering, how do you combine series?

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    just wondering, how do you combine series? I believe that springs and circuits are done the same way.
    If I am combining 2 spring constants for the combined constant, isnt it just
    1/k(constant) = 1/k1 + 1/k2 and just solve for k?
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    wouldn't that just end up being k(constant)=k1+k2?
    and hey! I think I'm in your class: Kenneth Gentle, PHY 301, University of Texas?
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    just kidding! --> it doesn't end up being k=k1+k2
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    If all of the springs are on a line, the constants is


    And if all of the springs are parallel each other, the constant is

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    nope, I got fitzpatrik phy 317k at UT ;)
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